Perfect Post-Workout Pancakes

Perfect Post-Workout Pancakes


Perfect Post-Workout Pancakes

Calories: 385
Servings: 1
Prep Time: 5 min
Total Time: 10-15 min

FODMAPs Warnings:


  •  Banana, firm but NOT ripe (125 g, 1 medium)
  •  Eggs (2)
  • Pumpkin Puree (2 oz,, 4 tbsp)
  • Greek Yogurt * (150 g, 1/2 cup)
  • Blueberries ** (40 g, 1/2cup)
  • Baking Soda (1/4 tsp)

Optional: calorie-free syrup, FODMAP-friendly nut butter, FODMAP-friendly fruit


  1.  Mash a medium sized banana in a medium-sized mixing bowl
  2. Add and fluff in eggs, pumpkin puree, and baking soda until you achieve a cake-like consistency
  3. Spray a non-stick pan with non-stick spray and ladle-in ~1/4 of the batter
  4. Layer the pancakes with greek yogurt in between. Top with blueberries and any other topping you so desire.

Protein pancakes are a trendy food item in the instagram/youtube/blogosphere of fitness for a reason. They’re fluffy, they’re delicious, and they’re a perfect way to balance your macros.

Of course, for anyone used to your gut saying no to the foods you so desperately crave, you’ve probably had to give up your favorite sweet-toothed indulgences at some point. Well give up no longer.

* For those lactose-intolerant FODMAPs followers, this recipe can easily be modified to you by simply opting for lactose-free greek yogurt or a plant-based alternative. If you opt for a plant-based alternative, the recipe will have considerably less protein though.

** Blueberries are considered a source of fructans. If consumed in large amounts (40 g +) they can be upsetting to some people. The amount used in this recipe (40 g) is considered safe but if fructans are a problem for you, you can easily switch-in strawberries.


To add to the carb count:
  • Use 2 bananas (or 1 1/2) instead of just one
  • Add other FODMAP-friendly fruits as toppings
  • Add a drizzle of  maple syrup (up to 50 g) instead of calorie-free syrup on top (but be careful not to overdo it)
To subtract from the carb count:

Now this is tricky with this recipe. You can decrease the amount of banana/berries that you use but honestly, your best bet would be a different recipe altogether. 

A low-carb pancake generally includes a scoop of protein powder, a dash of baking soda, and 1-2 eggs. So don’t hesitate to experiment and make it your own!

To add to the protein count:
  • Add in a dash of protein powder
  • Add in a splash of egg whites (or substitute 30 g of egg whites for 1 of the eggs)
Sorry, I fundamentally refuse to lower the protein count (but really, just opt for a plant-based yogurt instead of greek yogurt)
To add to the fat count:
To subtract from the fat count:
  • Use egg whites in place of the eggs (30 g /egg)

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